7 Keys Model

Unlock the secrets of financial analysis with the 7 Key Model

Stop worrying about financial analysis. We ask the right business questions. You fill in the fields. getLaunched does all the math.

The mastermind behind the 7 Key Model is prof. Dr. Rolf Meyer (read more about the Model in the About us page )

Based on the 7 Key resources of each business (Customers, Products/Services, Resources, Money, Market Development, Competition, Persons), getLaunched designed a simple yet crucial questionnaire.

Once you fill in the details for each question, we do the math and wrap it up in the must-haves financial tools, including:

Hassle-free, accurate & professional. Don’t let math or financial analysis hold you back!

Are you ready to launch your own business? 3,2,1 Blastoff!

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