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90% of entrepreneurs fail because they can’t validate their idea.

Researches, analysis, legal and financial education, they all require a lot of time. Then you need a business road map, checklists and a mentor to walk you through. We’ve been in your shoes, and we know what it’s like. Imagine to have the basic financial tools in one fun and creative environment. We created getLaunched because we believe that nothing can hold a true entrepreneur back, not even charts, accounting, spreadsheets, or financial projections. We’re here to support you. Launching a startup must be fun, exciting and simple. getLaunched makes it possible.

Don’t settle for less than you deserve. We empower you to become whoever you want. Dream big. Become an entrepreneur. We back you up!



“For me, entrepreneurship is not an option. It’s a calling. It’s just something I HAD TO DO.”( Slavisa Tavic)

At 17, Slavisa Tavic founded his first company – an online store that distributed water cooling systems for the ICT industry. While completing his BSc studies in Business Administration, he focused on entrepreneurship depression and met his business and personal mentor: prof. Dr. Rolf Meyer.

Together, Slavisa and prof. Dr. Meyer – the startup guru and the serial entrepreneur – started to work on a “magic” tool meant to simplify business analysis and financial planning. They just wanted to ease entrepreneurs life.

That’s how getLaunched was born: mixing business experience with passion for building useful tools that simplify the startup hassle. And since there aren’t enough ways of paying it forward, both founders are enthusiastic advocates of spreading business knowledge, coaching and organizing seminars for entrepreneurs.


The mastermind behind the 7 Keys Model is prof. Dr. Rolf Meyer from the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland FHNW.

While launching and running the center of entrepreneurship at the FHNW School of Business, Dr. Meyer realized that most students and startup founders were excited about their ideas but they found it hard to transform them in real businesses, with success potential.

Therefore, in 2005, he developed the simple 7 Key Model which took basic management tools used to analyze a market and made them accessible to everyone. Market analysis and business planning became simple and user-friendly.

After supervising and coaching a few hundred businesses, Dr. Meyer was completely aware of the needs and worries of any start-up, from tech apps to social entrepreneurs. His unique model is available exclusively on getLaunched platform.

Why would you choose us?

Newbies or even serial entrepreneurs find it hard to handle all excel spreadsheets, business model canvases or business plan creation tools. Files are placed in different programs, platforms or drives. You have to download templates, save them in your computer or email them to your team members. Collaborating in these terms is a daunting experience. Then you have to learn each tool, read business books and decode the business jargon.

What sets us apart? The basic startup power tools accessible from one single place: getLaunched platform. Financial Analyses, Business Plan Generator, Startup Competition Form, Business Idea Validator: we cover them all in one creative environment. Our friendly dashboard is fun and easy to handle. You no longer need vitamins or yoga to keep your enthusiasm levels high. We help you with the startup hassle so you can focus on your future steps.

getLaunched is the instant co-creation solution you need!

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