The only business modelling canvas in the universe that combines Lean Startup methods and existing analyses!

App Features

Business Modelling

Grow Your business or startup by developing your business idea easier than ever before. Don’t get lost in distraction, take massive action!

Become a Gladiator

We provide you with all the techniques and tools for the entrepreneurial arena. You will not longer fear financial analyses, spreadsheets or business plans. Our Gladiator Video Course will guide you the way to becoming a successful business owner.

Find Investors

Be first in line to use our proprietary investor matching tool that will connect you with influencers and investors. Send your pitch deck to people who match and keep track of the action!

Business Analyses

Financial Analyses? The platform creates them for you!
S.W.O.T. Analysis? Risk Analysis? Competitor Analysis? Use our beautiful guided and easy to use templates! No spreadsheets, our promise!

Pitch Deck

Once you have filled out the critical 7 Key Model questionnaire, you have more than 80% of the information required for your Investors Pitch Deck. Soon you will use our Pitch Deck Creation Tool (included in your membership) for one click Pitch Deck ease.

Work with Co-Founders

Easy teamwork – anywhere, anytime, getLaunched will show you who is working on what, so that each team member can focus fully on the most important business growth tasks.

Expert (and real!) business owners will lead you through it all!

Experienced Gladiators

Rolf and Slavi will guide you through the steps required for the transition from Business Operator to Business Owner. This is where experience from more than 6 fields and over 50 years kicks in. Buckle up and enjoy the ride!
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Why people love us

Urs Blaser
“ In his coaching we see Mr. Tavic as a motivational inspiration that moves the participants to act independently. His close relationship to practice initiates at the point where the participants do not know any further themselves. Each coaching is individually prepared for the participants. By introducing personal experiences, participants witness an authentic and rousing companion. He offers new possibilities and perspectives which are easily understood and applied by the participants. Because of his enthusiasm for entrepreneurship, he is even available to counsel the new entrepreneurs outside the coaching, which we greatly appreciate. He is very well connected in his area of expertise and has very valuable contacts for founders. Mr. Tavic brings significant added value to the <<plug&start>> program and is still an active member of our coaching. ”

Eveline Moser
“ The work with the platform getLaunched® made us look at our project from all angles! The consultation was well structured and targeted our weak points. It was a great experience to work with such a passionate expert on our project. After our conversation, we felt very motivated to improve our existing business case with his inputs. Mr. Tavic found in a short time the critical points in our book project “Der kleine Stern”. Now we know what factors we must take a closer look at and how we can improve our business in the future. We enjoy this motivational boost and want to really getLaunched with our business! ”

Prof. Dr. Arie Hans Verkuil
University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland FHNW

“ The core of entrepreneurship is a business idea. Be it for the foundation of an enterprise, growth through innovation or an acquisition; a solid business case is always a good base.

The FHNW is a practice-oriented university. It contributes to create and maintain jobs. We use the platform getLaunched® together with the book by Rolf Meyer and Slavisa Tavic for the benefit of our students, entrepreneurs and partners. This way we open the opportunity for solid business cases to arise and create sustainable jobs. ”

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