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You need funding and want to convince investors without losing a lot of time in Excel spreadsheets and endless templates?

Do you want to launch a startup? However, you are not sure that you have considered all the important factors?

You have an idea.
But, is it going to become a successful business?

Income statement, balance sheet, liquidity planning

Income statement, balance sheet, liquidity planning – Financials can be quite confusing! It's easy to lose track of financial planning for your business. Every beginning is difficult. There is SO MUCH to do.

The solution in just one app

How awesome would it be to have a compact set of tools to help you answer questions about your business idea and, as a result, get a business model and business plan?


You get the complete overview of all numbers

Business plan

Compose your business plan in just a few hours

S.W.O.T. Analysis

You can see the strengths and weaknesses of your business idea at a glance

Find investors

You will convince investors with a complete business model and business plan


That's Emil

Emil faces the same challenge as many out there and wants to start a business. To understand his business model, he wants to make a business plan.

Business plan in 3 hours instead of 3 weeks

With these simple steps, Emil can organize & structure his business idea


Founders like Emil know where their concept works well, where risks are hidden and what can be optimized.

Target group

— Customers & Products

Financial planning

— Employees & Personnel costs
— Investments
— Sales development
— Capital requirements

Market & Competitive Analysis

— Competition analysis
— Risk analysis


All finances at a glance

In the financial plan, he calculates his capital requirements. With the well-prepared financial plan, he goes to the bank and gets his loan approval.
emil with money

Business made easy

Emil is happy. And saved a lot of time. He is sure now that he has observed everything. He has graphed everything at a glance and can tweak the set screws where he sees weaknesses to enforce his idea.

The only business modeling App in the universe that combines Lean Startup methods and existing analyses!

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From student to a big companies, getLaunched is helping thousands bring ideas to life

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